Mixed Case, White Wine With Character

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All over the world wine is enjoyed either with local magnificent culinary or on its own, on the same token wine is produced  all over the world  too. in the most recent years more unusual countries with wine legacy are starting to produce some outstanding quality wines. most of the wine produce tend to be consumed locally, however things are changing and we’re starting to see these wines crossing the border being enjoyed in countries with history of producing or consuming wines.

Slovenia has certainly evolved greatly since gain its independence in 199, it is producing some outstanding wines . The country signature grape, Rebula (known as Ribolla Gialla in Italy), is the cornerstone of Slovenia wine industry. The Pinot Grigio is also fantastic, it  benefits from the continental climate with cold, dry winters and hot summer. The Slovenian Pinot  Grigio  are full body rich, fruity, spicy with notes of apricots and melons. Gasper Pinot Grigio and chardonnay Rebula are  great examples of quality Slovenian wines..

Takaji is very popular mostly because of the sweet version of it. most recently Takaji dry is certainly tanking the front stage when it come to Hungary wines  amongst those who do not enjoy desert wine. Mád Dry Furmint, Tokaji, is a fine example of a good of Hungary Tokay dry wine, made from Furmint grapes.

Austria does not need much of introduction, however still not so popular mainly in the Uk. however it changing too. there some great wines produced in Austrian with similarity to quality German wines.  The cool continental climate is right environment to make this delicious  Gruner Veltliner , zesty and crispy with pear and spice  aromas, followed by citrus notes. very drinkable either with food or on its own.

This mixed case white wine, is certainly is full of character, great to explore different wines

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